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Wipe Seal

Wipe Seal

Model: PTS-04.W

Glass Sliding Door Wipe

Applicable For: 10MM Glass
Construction Material: PVC Plastic
Shipping Weight: 0.5 LBS (230 Grams Approx.)
Size: 98” Length
Warrant: Limited

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Our Wipe Seals are transparent and can be installed at the side of the glass door so it fills the gap between the door and the panel. They are perfect to install on frameless glass shower doors as they are great for preventing leaks from gaps and wind prevention.

They are ideal for home shower rooms, bathroom shower doors, etc. The minimalistic and intricate design is sure to complement bathroom interiors. Plus, they give an unobstructed view of the glass door due to its transparent colour.

Seals and Wipes

Our Seals can be put to use in several ways, such as a wipe along the bottom edge of the glass door, or as a seal along the side edge of the glass door. You can also find Seals that are snapped along the bottom edge of the glass door, allowing it to firmly direct water flow back into the Shower Enclosure.

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