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Railing Base Shoe

Railing Base Shoe

Model: BASH-120.AL

Adjustable Base Shoe Railing System
120” Lengths Available
Can Be Cut To Size
Suitable For Interior & Exterior Use
Cladding Sold Separately
Secured By Using Screws Bolted To Floor
Compatible With FMF Base Shoe Accessories
Engineered To Comply With The National Building Code Of Canada

Applicable For: Base Shoe Railing Systems
Construction Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Size: 120” Length Available
Function: To Secure Glass Railing
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third Party Courier Service

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Base Shoe Railing Systems

By removing all vertical poles, the glass base shoe system maximizes visibility. This system is simple to install, with a slim metal base that provides safety without the use of visually conspicuous vertical pillars. FMF’s base shoe railing systems also give you the best view with a slim shoe.

  • Constructed from aluminum and ideal for tempered glass
  • Covered with stainless steel
  • Comes with a decent range of top handrails
  • The dry glaze safety wedge system is straightforward to install and keeps glass panels firmly in the base shoe.
  • Brushed and painted for the finest finishes.
  • Can handle a line load of over 200 pounds.
Base Shoe End Cap
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