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Sidelite Mount Transom Patch Fitting

Model: PAT-01

L-Shape Patch Fitting Top-Crank
For Transom Panel Connected To Door
For Interior Use Only
Pivot Pin Is Included

Applicable For: 10-12MM Tempered Glass

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Our L-Shape Patch Fitting Top-Crank is popular glass hardware; it is durable and easy to use. As a professional glass hardware provider in Toronto, FMF provides various quality glass door patch fittings that apply to different commercial doors.

These fittings are applicable for interior use only and come with a pivot pin. They seamlessly connect transom to sidelite glass panels and are compatible with all FMF patch fitting products. They are a practical component of architectural projects with beautiful finishes to enhance the theme.

Patch Fittings

For Interior Use Only

Applicable For: 10-12MM Tempered Glass
Construction Material: Aluminium Body With 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cover Plate
Shipping Weight: 1 LBS (454 Grams Approx.)
Compatible With: HYP100, HYP120 & HYP150
Cut Out Required: Please Refer To Attached Cut Out Diagram Above
Function: Connects Side Panel To Top Transom Panel, Swings 90° In + 90° Out
Accessories: Screws, Gaskets, Fabrication Diagram
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third-party courier service

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