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Terms & Policies

  1. Copyright 

1.1. All Website Information 

All content of this website is owned and copyrighted by FMF Glass Hardware. All available materials on this website may only be used for informational purposes. The website offers services to its customers, subject to the Terms and Conditions discussed below.

By visiting or shopping here, the customers agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and to act in accordance with all the applicable conditions. 

The website reserves the right to update or modify these terms at any point without prior notice. All or any modifications of Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately. All customers, upon signing the services of this website, agree to adhere to all or any updates and changes made in the future.

Furthermore, FMF Glass Hardware reserves the right to modify, add, or subtract any content of the website at any time.

1.2. Photos & Diagrams 

All the images and diagrams displayed on the website are the property of FMF Glass Hardware and cannot be copied, reproduced, or plagiarized without giving due credit. All the featured images are the true depiction of the products offered at FMF Glass Hardware and cannot be subject to use by any other entity presenting these photos and diagrams as their own. In case of reproducing these images without consent from FMF Glass Hardware, the authorities are entitled to take legal action. 

  1. Privacy Policy 

2.1. Access and Use of Information 

FMF Glass Hardware grants its users permission to display, copy, and distribute the materials on the website for non-commercial purposes if and only if the materials are not modified in any form, the copyright notices are kept intact, and all proprietary belongs to FMF Glass Hardware. This website or any portion of this website cannot be duplicated, reproduced, sold, or exploited for all or any commercial purposes without obtaining the full consent of the authorities at FMF Glass Hardware. In case of such events. FMF Glass Hardware has complete authority to take legal action.

Furthermore, any user may not use product listings, descriptions, photographs, or any information for the benefit of any entity other than FMF Glass Hardware. Any unauthorized use of the contents owned by FMF Glass Hardware may lead to severe consequences. In events where a person wishes to make use of the data available on the website, they may create a hyperlink of the website and attach it in reference while explicitly expressing that FMF Glass Hardware remains the sole owner of all data.

In such events, the user must ensure that this data does not present the products or services of FMF Glass Hardware in a misleading, offensive, and derogatory manner. No person is entitled to use FMF Glass Hardware logos and other proprietary trademarks without written permission. 

FMF Glass Hardware also states that any third-party source of information regarding products, services, and procedures is not to be considered an endorsement by FMF Glass Hardware. 

  1. Website Information 

3.1. Pricing 

The pricing provided by FMF Glass Hardware for products on the website represents the full price listed on the products as per the manufacturing in accordance with the standard industry practice. All pricing is subject to change without prior notice. All the products sold by this website provide the finalized costs, and FMF Glass Hardware does not charge until after the order is processed and ready to be shipped. 

Although FMF Glass Hardware ensures accurate pricing, there is a possibility of mispricing due to an error. In such cases, we will either contact you before shipping or cancel the order and notify you about the mistake. 

3.2. Products 

All the products featured on the website are the property of FMF Glass Hardware, and no person, entity, or organization has any authority regarding these products as their own. Furthermore, no individual can claim the use of these products in an offensive way. FMF Glass Hardware carries no liability in such cases. All products manufactured, distributed, and sold are the property of FMF Glass Hardware in accordance with the rules and regulations dictated by Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. 

FMF Glass Hardware is under no circumstance responsible to clients or customers for failure to fill accepted orders or for all or any delays in filling accepted orders when such failures or delays are due to accidents, labour troubles, natural disasters, strikes, civil disturbance, war, vendor problems, or any other problems caused beyond the company’s control. The product availability on the website does not guarantee that the products will be delivered at all or in time under unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Site Access 

All the website contents and its services, in principle, are accessible 24 hours for 7 days a week. All functions of the website are subject to any suspension due to breakdowns, failures, and paralysis of network systems or telecommunication sources. A breakdown may be a cause of ongoing maintenance operations as well for future updating and functioning of the website. The website could be inaccessible due to these reasons at any time and day without prior notice. 

  1. Trademarks 

All rights, title, name, service marks, and logos presented on the website are under the sole ownership of FMF Glass Hardware. They are considered for use by only FMF Glass Hardware, and no person or organization has any ownership over the trademarks unless stated in writing. All the goods and services of FMF Glass Hardware and all materials, ideas, and properties created and developed on the website cannot be copied, reproduced, or plagiarized. In such an event, FMF Glass Hardware has complete authority over such actions. 

  1. Your Account 

6.1. Personal Information Collected 

FMF Glass Hardware uses personal information to offer you information about the products and services in the future. FMF Glass Hardware ensures immense protection for all the private data and personal information collected on the website. This information may include but is not limited to the IP address, hardware and software details, cookies, and autofill data. The order history is used to grow the website and deliver services, products, and information to the customers. 

This data is collected only for engagement purposes and to provide a better experience for you. FMF Glass Hardware does not violate the privacy of the visitors through this data in any way. The personal information may be subject to use to deliver copies of regular newsletters, updated data regarding new products, events, launches, promotional information, and marketing. 

6.2. Passwords 

FMF Glass Hardware website only stores the password with which the clients register their accounts. You have full responsibility to maintain security and control of any and all IDs, passwords, PINs, or any other information that you put on the account. FMF Glass Hardware takes no responsibility for any loss or compromise of sensitive information, including but not limited to passwords, PINs, and IDs. 

  1. Accuracy of Products, Product Descriptions, Product Stock/ Quantity & Images 

FMF Glass Hardware ensures maximum accuracy while providing the information on the website. However, FMF Glass Hardware does not warrant that product images, description, and other data of the website is reliable, accurate, and error-free. The images and diagrams on the website have been displayed with maximum effort to display the products as accurately as possible. You must understand that the actual colours of images depend on the resolution of the display screen, and FMF does not guarantee to display colours with accuracy. 

FMF Glass Hardware is not responsible for all or any errors in photography. If any customer feels that the product is not the same as described on the website, the customers must contact us immediately. For further information, refer to the Return Policy section discussed below. 

  1. Pricing Information 

All products prices mentioned on the website are subject to change without prior notice except that prices for an order that have already been accepted by FMF Glass Hardware and are ready to deliver. The company ships globally, with most of the business in Canada. Prices stated do not do/not include any sales, duty, excise tax, or any other tax which may come into effect in the future imposed by Federal, State, or any other regulating authority of Ontario. All such taxes, duties and charges will be paid by the customer until FMF Glass Hardware provides exemptions appropriate to the authorities.  

  1. Return Policy 

FMF Glass Hardware does not let any products be returned without approval. All credits or replacements will be provided after a thorough inspection of the products and investigation indicates that the product(s) were shipped with an error or were defective. FMF Glass Hardware has the right to apply a 25% restocking fee on the returns. All products must be inspected after delivery immediately, and in case of any discrepancies, FMF Glass Hardware should be informed at the earliest notice. 

FMF Glass Hardware will replace or allow credit for the purchase price in case:

  1. The material is defective or does not conform to the product as requested by the customer 
  2. Returns are only accepted up to 30 days of purchase from the invoice date.
  3. All items are in original packaging, and the condition is not subject to any damages.
  4. All items must be returned to the original purchase location. 
  5. FMF Glass Hardware reserves the right to reject any return not meeting the above-stated conditions. 
  6. Any custom orders are not applicable for return. This includes any items which are outsourced to powder coating and items which are cut to size.
  7. Stock doors can not be subject to return after purchase.

Please note that refunds will not be granted for delays in order processing, shipping, or delivery, as these factors may be influenced by external variables beyond our control.

  1. No Warranty for Information on the Website

All information and data, either expressed or implied, provided on the website come without a warranty of any kind and include a limitation of warranties of any particular purpose. FMF Glass Hardware uses impeccable efforts to include accurate and authentic information on this website. However, it does not guarantee any warranties or representations regarding the accuracy and completeness. FMF Glass Hardware can periodically add, change, improve, and update data and information on the website for better functionality and improved user experience without any prior notice. 

FMF Glass Hardware has no liability or responsibility for all or any errors, omissions, or flaws in the content of the website. FMF Glass Hardware does not have any liability under any legal theory or circumstances for creating, producing, and delivering the website’s content by FMF Glass Hardware itself, or any other party involves. FMF Glass Hardware is not responsible to any entity for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or incidental damages that could arise due to the access or use of this website. 

  1. Limited Liability

11.1. Disclaimer of limited liability 

FMF Glass Hardware is not responsible for any content that appears on the website. FMF Glass Hardware has no liability if any content, data, or values presented on this website are inaccurate. The third-party links appearing on the website cannot be interpreted wrongly and other than the intention of FMF Glass Hardware. Any violation of these third-party websites does not have any liability over FMF Glass Hardware.  

11.2. Limited liability for all locations

FMF Glass Hardware operates from three different locations. All the locations are separate business entities. If a liability arrives in such cases where a client or a customer files a lawsuit against us, the client or the customer can only make a claim against the specific branch with which they faced the issue. Clients and customers do not have the legal right to make a claim against all three business locations. They are only entitled to file a lawsuit against the location they made a transaction from in the court of law.

  1. Ontario Applicable Law 

All the Terms of Use of FMF Glass Hardware are governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario, Canada, without regard to conflict of law provisions. All visitors on the website from other states, cities, countries, and regions must ensure their free will and are responsible for compliance with their local laws and regulations. If any provision of the website is deemed unlawful, unenforceable, or null, then FMF Glass Hardware has the authority to severe it from the rest of the Terms and Conditions, and the severed law will not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provisions. 

  1. Information Exchange Policy

FMF Glass Hardware operates from three different locations, and all locations are separate business entities, where Branch 1 operates under FMF Glass Hardware Inc., located at 7205 Tranmere Drive Unit 9 Mississauga ON. L5S 1N4, Branch 2 operates under FMF Hardware Solutions Inc., located at 7611 Pine Valley Drive Unit 8

Woodbridge ON. L4L 0A2, and Branch 3 operate under FMF Hardware Supply Inc., located at 8161 Keele Street Unit 2 Concord ON. L4K 1Z3. 

All the entities reserve the right to exchange information with one another. All this information includes but is not limited to customer information, job information, payment information, contact information, and address. Clients or customers are not entitled to claim for a breach of privacy due to their information being shared within our organization. 

  1. General T&C for Access & Use of the Website 

All the Terms and Conditions mentioned here contain all terms of your agreement with FMF Glass Hardware relating to the use of this website. No other written or oral statement will have any authority over the terms stated here. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found invalid, then FMF Glass Hardware shall remove it from the Terms and Conditions. All the terms are in accordance with the law of the province of Ontario, and by continuing to take the services and products offered at this website, you agree to understand and acknowledge all these Terms and Conditions. 

  1. Termination of Account 

FMF Glass Hardware has full authority to suspend or terminate any account immediately without any liability or prior notice for any reason whatsoever. It includes but is not limited to the breach of these terms and violation of all statements of these Terms and Conditions. Once termination comes into effect, your access and right to use the services of this website shall cease to exist unless FMF Glass Hardware revokes the termination or suspension.

  1. Intellectual Property Clause 

All visitors must understand and acknowledge that the brand name, plan, logo, images, copyrights, trademarks, particulars, and all data identifying with FMF Glass Hardware and its products are the property of FMF Glass Hardware. All offered products and services, features, functionality, and original content except for the content of third-party websites and the content provided by the customers are and will remain the exclusive property of FMF Glass Hardware unless FMF Glass Hardware offers ownership to all or any elements stated above to a separate entity. FMF Glass Hardware is protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws of Ontario, Canada. The trademarks and copyrights cannot be used in alignment with any other product or service without the prior written consent of FMF Glass Hardware. 

  1. Links to Other Websites Clause

The data and content available at the FMF Glass Hardware website may contain links to third-party websites or/and services not controlled by FMF Glass Hardware. 

FMF Glass Hardware has no control or ownership over such data and takes no responsibility for the content, practices, or privacy policies of third-party websites or services. You further understand and agree that FMF Glass Hardware is not liable directly or indirectly for all or any losses or damages caused or to be caused by in connection with the use of such goods, services, and content available through any such third-party websites. 

FMF Glass Hardware strongly advises all visitors to read the privacy policies and Terms and Conditions before continuing the use of all or any third-party websites. 

  1. Acceptance of T&C Clause 

You agree to accept, acknowledge, and understand all the clauses stated in this section of the Terms and Conditions. Any violation of all or any clauses may lead to permanent termination from the future use of the website. If an individual does not agree with any of the stated conditions, they may not continue the use of the services and products offered at FMF Glass Hardware.

  1. Payment & Billing Clause 

All customers will receive their electronic bills for which they need to ensure payments. In case an error arises, or if there are any queries regarding electronic fund transfer from you or if you require additional information about a transfer on the statement or the recipe, you need to contact us via phone or email. You can also send us a written notice to our office address at your earliest convenience. Our office must hear from you in 30 business days. If you fail to send us your queries regarding billing errors or discrepancies within 30 working days, FMF Glass Hardware will not be liable to resolve these discrepancies. If you contact us orally, we will require proof that you can either send us via email or at our address. We will determine the nature of the error and compensate you promptly. If you fail to get in touch with us in 30 working days, we are not responsible for covering for the errors.

  1. Advertising & Promotions

FMF Glass Hardware reserves the right to run advertisements and promotions from third-party applications on the website or by means of other channels, including but not limited to emails, SMS alerts, and pop-up ads. Your dealing, correspondence, participation in promotions of advertisers other than us are solely between you and such third parties. FMF Glass Hardware is not liable for any terms, conditions, warranties, or representations associated with such dealings. We are not responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of such dealings due to the presence of third-party applications.

  1. Changes to Terms Clause

FMF Glass Hardware reserves the right to modify and replace these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice to any new terms that may come into effect. All or any changes in the product, material, or service changes will be determined at FMF Glass Hardware’s sole discretion. If a customer continues to access or use the services after these modifications become effective, they agree to be bound by the modified Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to all or any terms stated above, FMF Glass Hardware does not encourage continuing with the use of offered services and products.

22. Price Match Guarantee:

It is FMF Glass Hardware’s commitment to supply only the highest quality of Glass & Hardware products that come with competitive pricing along with amazing customer service and an overall great user experience. Our goal is to provide you with the most convenient and hassle-free experience- while ensuring you are receiving the best price for your products. 

FMF Glass Hardware offers a price match policy which provides you the best price for your items! Simply provide us with verification of the better-advertised price (print out, online, or quote) and we will match the price for you. Please note that items must be identical in shape, size, weight & quality. All items which are requested to be price matched should be in stock at the time of purchase. 

Price Matched items are subject to the following: 

  • Items must be identical 
  • Should have stock of the item 
  • Visual verification of price required 
  • Subject to our availability & inventory 
  • Price match to local competitors only 

Please note that the FMF Glass Hardware price match guarantee does not include the price of any/ all third-party retailers & online retailers. These can include but are not limited to Amazon, eBay, etc.

23. Free Delivery 

At FMF Glass Hardware we consider your time valuable and we understand the hassle of physically picking up your items. To make your job easier, we are happy to offer you a free delivery service! FMF offers free delivery service within a 50 KM radius of any of our store locations. Our free delivery service is subject to the following terms listed below:

  • Orders must be valued at over $1000 to be eligible for free delivery (Before discounts, taxes & credits applied)
  • Only normal-sized items are eligible for delivery. Oversized items are not eligible for delivery, this includes but is not limited to; Channels, Stock Doors, Headers, Bars, Handrails, etc.
  • Orders placed before 9 AM will be delivered the following business day. Our delivery hours are from 8 AM – 5 PM
  • The delivery site must be within a 50-kilometer radius of any FMF branch location to be eligible for free delivery service 
  • Payment of order must be remitted before delivery of goods 
  • Orders are to be phoned in to be eligible for free delivery 

Please note that delivery times may not always be exact. Delivery service is also subject to availability. Please call us for more information. 

24. Warranty

We believe in quality for extraordinary customer experience

With a promise to satisfy our customers at every step of the purchase, FMF Glass Hardware ensures following premium quality standards for manufacturing glass hardware products.

Outstanding product quality

All customers receive a 3-year limited warranty from the date of purchase on all hardware products. We will cover any defects in the material under normal use during the warranty period.

During the warranty period, FMF will cover the replacement charges if the product is proven defective because of an inadequate material or quality.

How do you claim your warranty?

As mentioned previously, we stand behind our products and assure replacements or credits for damaged goods.

If you are not satisfied with the product quality or if it is damaged, call us or send an email with the details of the receipts and damages. We will determine the cause of the problem and try to provide the best solution for you.

We shall only provide you with a replacement of the product with respect to your inquiry, as per the conditions mentioned and provided that the product is still in stock at our stores. Any additional service costs such as transportation, labour,etc. will not be reimbursed by FMF Glass Hardware.

You cannot claim the limited warranty if:

  • The condition of our products, the damages or malfunctions are not related to the defect in the quality of the products.
  • The products are damaged due to misuse, negligence or notification by any party other than FMF Glass Hardware.

FMF Glass Hardware manufactures products to exceed industry standards. Adequate care and maintenance help our products to last a long time.

To create lasting value for your construction and architectural projects, we are always open to suggestions regarding new products or improvements.