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Mirror J-Channel

Model: JCH-01

Low Profile, Which Allows Maximum Mirror Exposure

Applicable For: 5-6mm Mirrors
Construction Material: Aluminum
Shipping Weight: 1.6 LBS (684 Grams Approx.)
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third-party courier service

Length Available For Pickup Orders : 144"
Length Available For Shipping Orders: 96"


FMF Hardware presents J-Channels designed specifically for a sturdy and effortless mirror installation. Install our J-Channels with a low-profile design and enjoy the seamless and finished look of your mirror.

FMF Mirror J-Channels are designed to support the mirrors from the bottom. They are an essential mounting hardware accessory to install frameless mirrors. They offer sturdiness, resulting in a seamless mirror installation. If you are looking for a clean and transparent look for bathroom mirrors, J-Channels are an excellent choice.

Their low profile makes them a preferred hardware component for bathroom remodelling. They support your mirror for a long time and give a versatile finish to your mirrors. They also match with other bathroom hardware and are easy to install. aluminum construction enables them to offer strength to hold the mirror at a fixed location.