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Left Side Sleeve Over Glass Clamp

Left Side Sleeve Over Glass Clamp

Model: C863L

Wall Mounted Sleeve-Over Glass Clamp
For Left Side

Applicable For: 8-10MM tempered Glass
Cut-Out Required: No Cut Out Required
Construction Material: Solid Brass

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Left Side Sleeve Over Glass Clamps are mechanical fasteners for covering the pressure points of the glass panels. They secure the glass panels for frameless shower enclosures. Available in the left-hand model, the wall-mounted sleeve-over glass clamps are perfect for transforming your shower area.

We carry three attractive finishes, such as Brushed Nickel, Chrome and Matte Black. These finishes are proven to uplift the look of your shower area. We manufacture the Left Side Sleeve Over Glass Clamps in Solid Brass to ensure strength, durability, and rust resistance. Choose our sleeve over glass clamps for your frameless shower door installation.

Sleeve Over Glass Clamps

Sleeve Over Glass Clamps are used to provide a mechanical fastening to protect the glass panels from shear stresses. The glass does not need to be fabricated in any way. It’s also possible to use it to keep the glass panels in place while the silicone sealant in the joint cures (the silicone sealant glues the glass panels together, prevents water leakage, and provides the pull strength to keep the panels from separating).

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