Transom Clamp Screw 1/2" length 304SS 2PCS/PACK | Railing Hardware
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Shower Hinge Screw 2" length 304SS- 10PCS/PACK

Transom Clamp Screw (Pack-2pcs)

Model: SCF-12X

Transom Clamp Screw
½” Length
2 Pieces/ Pack

Applicable For: Transom Clamps
Construction Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Shipping Weight: 1 LBS (450 Grams

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Buy FMF Transom Clamp Screw 1/2" for securing transom clamps. Their construction in Stainless Steel makes them strong and durable. These screws make the installation process a lot easier and smoother.

We carry two pieces per pack to enable the completion of the installation project. Our installation tools are designed to complement a wide range of installation projects involving transom clamps in exterior and interior spaces.

Bolts and Screws

Bolts and Screws are some of the most important components when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of a shower enclosure – and FMF understands that. Our products are specially designed to ensure durability and safety around your shower.
Screws offer low thread design with reduced splitting or cracking of the screw boss.
– Provide brilliant load-bearing and fast assembly
– Variety of shower door, transom, self tapping screws available & more!
– Screws allow for easier driving at lower torques
– The shaft of FMF’s bolts is wider than the threaded part of the bolt, resulting in a shoulder that works as a pivot point
– Bolts form threads in stamped, drilled, or cored holes
– We also carry a variety of screws such as the Hex Head Wood Tapping Screw and the Commercial Handle Screw. FMF can also provide you with bolts of the highest quality.

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