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Hydraulic Patch Fitting kit Standard duty-100kg

Model: HYP-101

Regular Duty Hydraulic Glass Hinge Kit
Adjustable Speed
Holds Open At 90°
Includes Top Patch Fitting & Pivot Pin
Top Patch Inserted to Ceiling
No Digging Required
For Interior Use Only

Applicable For: 10-12MM Tempered Glass
Construction Material: Aluminum Body With 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cover Plate
Kit Includes: 1 HYP-100 Hydraulic Hinge, 1 PAT-02 Patch Fitting, 1 PAT-PIN Pivot Pin
Shipping Weight: 6 LBS
Maximum Door Weight: 220 LBS (100 KG.)
Maximum Door Width: Not Exceeding 36”
Cut Out Required: Please Refer To Attached Cut Out Diagram
Function: To Open & Hold Glass Doors At A 90° Angle, When Closing, Door Swing Speed Can Be Adjusted To Preference
Accessories: Screws, Bolts, Gaskets (Used For 10MM Tempered Glass), Allen Wrench, Fabrication Diagram, Instructions Sheet
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third party courier service


An innovative hydraulic self-closing mechanism implemented into patch fitting for simplified installations!

Discover superior door functionality and modern aesthetics with our Hydraulic Patch Fitting Kit - Standard Duty. Crafted to elevate your glass door experience, this kit offers a seamless blend of form and function. Engineered for easy installation and smooth operation, it ensures your glass doors open and close effortlessly, making it a perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications.

With our Hydraulic Patch Fitting Kit - Standard Duty, you'll enjoy the reliability and durability that your glass doors deserve. Whether you're upgrading existing doors or installing new ones, this kit provides a sophisticated and contemporary touch to your space. Elevate your door experience with this high-quality, easy-to-install kit.