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Hydraulic Hinge Standard-Duty - 100kg

Model: HYP-100

Medium Duty Hydraulic Glass Hinge
Adjustable Speed
Holds Open At 90°
No Digging Required
For Interior Use Only

Applicable For: 10-12MM Tempered Glass
Construction Material: Aluminum Body With 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cover Plate
Shipping Weight: 5 LBS (2.3 KG Approx.)
Maximum Door Weight: 225 LBS (100 KG.)
Maximum Door Width: Not Exceeding 36”
Cut Out Required: Industry Standard, Please Refer To Attached Cut Out Diagram Above
Function: To Open & Hold Glass Doors At A 90° Angle, When Closing, Door Swing Speed Can Be Adjusted To Preference
Accessories: Screws, Bolts, Gaskets (Used For 10MM Tempered Glass), Allen Wrench, Fabrication Diagram, Instructions Sheet
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third party courier service


An innovative hydraulic self-closing mechanism implemented into patch fitting for simplified installations!

FMF Hydraulic Hinge Standard Duty is designed to support the doors, allowing an all-visible look to hardware installations like cover plates. The hinges enable the doors to swing open at a 90-degree angle with self-closing. You can also regulate the speed of the door, offering convenience to the user.

Suitable for interior applications, these hinges are all you need to upgrade the installation of the doors. They are easy to install and give an appealing look to the overall design of the doors. These hinges are of high quality and durable with an excellent surface.