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Silicone Tremsil 200 Clear

Silicone Tremsil 200 Clear

Model: Silicone-200

Tremsil 200 Silicone
Ultra Clear Finish
300ml Tube
Produces A Watertight Seal To Glass
Suitable For Bathrooms & Kitchens

Applicable For: Glass
Construction Material:

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Buy Silicone Tremsil 200 Clear from FMF as they provide a weathertight seal to glass and other surfaces. They are ideal for any applications in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of residential and commercial properties.

It provides an ultra-clear finish to the glass surface with a long-life adhesion. They are useful to prevent fungicide and mildew resistance. They are made of Acetoxy Silicone, which excellently seals the glass to any surface.

Installation Accessories

Every bathroom project is incomplete without the assistance of installation accessories. Installation accessories from FMF are designed to help you achieve a finished look to your shower area and assist with the installation of your project

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