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Hydraulic Patch Fitting kit Heavy duty-150kg

Model: HYP-151

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Glass Hinge Kit
Adjustable Speed
Holds Open At 90°
No Digging Required
For Interior Use Only

Applicable For: 10-12MM Tempered Glass
Construction Material: Aluminum Body With 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cover Plate
Kit Includes: 1 HYP-150 Hydraulic Hinge, 1 PAT-02 Patch Fitting, 1 PAT-PIN Pivot Pin
Shipping Weight: 6 LBS
Maximum Door Weight: 330 LBS (150 KG.)
Maximum Door Width: Not Exceeding 39”
Cut Out Required: Please Refer To Attached Cut Out Diagram
Function: To Open & Hold Glass Doors At A 90° Angle, When Closing, Door Swing Speed Can Be Adjusted To Preference
Accessories: Screws, Bolts, Gaskets (Used For 10MM Tempered Glass), Allen Wrench, Fabrication Diagram, Instructions Sheet
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third party courier service


An innovative hydraulic self-closing mechanism implemented into patch fitting for simplified installations!

Elevate the functionality and durability of your glass doors with our Hydraulic Patch Fitting Kit - Heavy Duty 150kg. This kit is the perfect solution for high-traffic commercial spaces and heavy glass doors, providing reliable and effortless door operation. Crafted to meet the most demanding needs, it offers an exceptional combination of strength and modern design, ensuring your doors stand up to the test of time.

Our Hydraulic Patch Fitting Kit - Heavy Duty 150kg is engineered for heavy use while maintaining a sleek and elegant appearance. Whether you're installing new doors or upgrading existing ones, this kit offers unparalleled performance. With easy installation and a focus on durability, your glass doors will effortlessly glide open and close, creating a lasting impression in any environment. Upgrade your space with the Hydraulic Patch Fitting Kit - Heavy Duty 150kg.