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Wall Mount Shelf Clamp

Model: C881

Standoff Glass Shelf Clamp



Applicable For: 6-10MM Tempered Glass

Construction Material: Solid Brass

Cut Out Required: No Holes Required

Shipping Weight: 0.3 LBS (113 Grams Approx.)

Function: To Clamp & Secure Glass Shelf To A Wall

Accessories: Screws, Anchors

Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty

Ship Via: Third party courier service

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Glass Shelf Brackets

These Glass Shelf Brackets are simple to put together and secure glass, wood, or acrylic shelves. They are perfect for lightweight shower products are completely safe to be used in damp conditions. Solid Brass metal will not rust over time, making it ideal for usage in baths and showers.

Semi-Round Shelf Clamp
C A L L   U S