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Base Shoe Cladding

Model: BASH-CL

Cladding for FMF Base Shoe System
Available in 120” lengths
Suitable For Interior & Exterior Use
Base Shoe Sold Separately
Engineered To Comply With The National Building Code Of Canada
Secured By Using Silicone Sealant Or Cladding Tape
Compatible With FMF Base Shoe Systems

Applicable For: FMF Base Shoe Systems
Construction Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Size: 120” Length Available
Function: Cover Plate For Base Shoe Finishing
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third Party Courier Service

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By removing all vertical poles, the glass base shoe system maximizes visibility. This system is simple to install, with a slim metal base that provides safety without the use of visually conspicuous vertical pillars. FMF’s base shoe railing systems also give you the best view with a slim shoe.

FMF Base Shoe Claddings are a protective cover plate for Base Shoe Finishings. With easier and faster installation, they make your project completed on time. The claddings act as a protection for base shoes, and it is one of the popular choices for commercial and industrial jobs.

Manufactured of Stainless Steel, the material is environment-friendly, durable, and will serve you for a long time. Its modern and sleek design gives your railing systems a sophisticated touch. With a promise of delivering all products of premium quality, our Base Shoe Cladding complies with The National Building Code of Canada.

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