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It’s ideal for tighter spaces. Outside the shower, it can be used as a hand towel holder, and outside the shower, it can be used as a hand towel holder or a robe holder. Our Glass Shower Hooks are a practical addition to your shower. This hook adds more storage to your shower by allowing you to hang a washcloth, towel, or robe.

Applicable For: 6-10MM Tempered Glass
Construction Material: Solid Brass
Cut Out Required: ½” (12 MM) Hole Cut Required
Shipping Weight: 0.3 LBS (113 Grams Approx.)
Function: To Secure Robe Hook To Glass Panel
Accessories: Screws, Anchors
Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Ship Via: Third-party courier service


Our glass hooks are perfect for compact spaces in the bathroom. They are durable and prevent slipping from the shower door. They are meant to upscale your shower area with their sleek and stylish design. Hang your bathrobes, towels, or shower squeegees without worrying about slippages. FMF takes pride in providing the best possible solutions to make your shower area look classic, making your daily shower, an enjoyable experience.

FMF shower hooks are a practical addition to your shower area with no more complicated installations, ensuring ample space in the area for more storage. Our glass hooks are: Applicable for 6-10MM Tempered Glass, Manufactured in solid brass, ensuring durability and strength, Secures robe hook to the glass panel, Equipped with screws and anchors

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