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FMF Glass Hardware has been a leading establishment for delivering high-quality glass shower doors and hardware parts. Our high performance standards have helped provide the market with an unlimited number of innovative selections over many years. Our customers include developers, contractors, interior designers, and companies specializing in frameless shower door with the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding Golden Horseshoe.

Our company has been founded in 2012 however we have over 15 years of solid experience in the architectural glass hardware industry. We have served and delivered better quality and performance consistently. We are proud of building a reputation on our ability to design high quality products. FMF guarantees every installation; our prices are competitive, and we excel over the competition in terms of providing the best balance of pricing and quality.

Our goals remain stable. Our achievements and successes as an outstanding company focus on providing consistent and exceptional customer service. Because of our impeccable service oriented reputation, many people have come to rely on our superior customer care. You can count on us to always be responsive to your needs.

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